Recommendations for
Oral Presentation
  • Time for presentation: 8 – 10 minutes. The presentation must be accompanied by a ppt presentation. Time to present one slide is not less than 30 seconds. The presentation should consist of 10 to 12 slides.
  • All participants are kindly required to make a presentation in ppt, pptx format in PowerPoint, Microsoft Office.
  • The presentation must cover present pre-requisites on the research topic, goals and problems posed in the research, the methods used, results, and conclusions.
  • You may use a speech outline or any other information (for example, numbers), you must not read your speech.
  • Do not overuse technical terms. If you use these, please provide explanations (if necessary, use figures and diagrams).
  • Make your speech accurate and unambiguous.
  • Your ppt presentation serves to demonstrate the research. So, it should consist of enough figures, diagrams, tables, maps, and photos.
  • You must not add large text passages to the presentation. You must use slides with text only to present the presentation topic, aims and problems, and conclusions. The rest slides must have graphic information.
  • Text size must be large, so viewers from back rows could read. Size of the main text must be at least 24, including in captions. Size of titles must be at least 40.
  • You must use the whole slide. Do not leave spaces, fill it by enlarging the text or graphical materials. Leave small margins.
  • The presentation must not be in bright colors.
  • The text and figures must be in contrast with the background. Especially, for diagrams.
  • The use of effects and animation should be reasonable. For example, overlaying results in figures.
Requirements for
Poster Presentation
  • The recommended poster size is A0: 1189mm x 841mm (33.1 in × 46.8 in). Posters must be presented in portrait orientation.
  • Around the perimeter of the poster, it is necessary to leave the space 5 mm wide (for the booth frame)
  • You must also leave space 5x5 cm in the top right corner.
  • Posters larger than the poster board will not be displayed.

  • Remember to look up your poster board number, which will be available later upon arrival.
    More detailed information will be provided by guides during the Grand opening of the Forum.

    The materials required to attach each poster to the board will be supplied. Also, you will be given a special card on which you can specify the time when you can be expected after temporarily leaving your poster.

    Please, do not forget to remove your posters after the last day of presentation. Posters remaining on boards after this will be removed and disposed of.

    Detailed timing of the poster session can be found in the program, which will be sent to your e-mail later.

  • POSTER CONTENT (in general)
  • General title, including the title of the poster, surname, name, place of work / study of the authors, contacts
  • Introduction (optional)
  • Topicality, goals and objectives of the work performed
  • Research methodology
  • Results
  • Findings/Conclusion
  • Information about the introduction into production or scientific activity (optional)
  • Acknowledgments
  • References

    *The recommended general font size is 16. Bold bigger font is for titles and italic is for important information. Also, you can use the underline font etc.

    **Considering all the above, a creative approach and a colorful poster design are welcome