Tomsk City Tour
Tomsk sightseeing tour, the student capital of Russia, 2 hours
During this tour, you will see the main Tomsk attractions:
  • Resurrection hill. You will learn how Tomsk was founded and and see Tomsk from above.
  • First Siberian University and the Lagerny Garden
  • Wooden architecture. The unique landmarks of Tomsk wooden architecture is the great proud of Russia.
  • Bogoroditse-Alekseevsky Monastery. You will hear legends about the Emperor Alexander I who lived in Tomsk secretly in XIXth century.

Cossack Fort in Semiluzhki
Visiting Cossack Fort in Semiluzhki (3,5 hours, 30 km away from Tomsk)

If you wish to step 4 centuries ago into the time when Siberia was becoming a part of Russia you are welcome in the Cossack Fort in Semiluzhki, 30 km away from Tomsk.

The fort was reconstructed by a hereditary Cossack, Vladimir Ilyin. With the help of his family and good people he reproduced watchtowers, a chapel, a fortress wall, a forge, a historical Russian log hut and other buildings.
Why should one visit Cossack Fort in Semiluzhki?
To know how Russian solders – Cossacks – established new forts in Siberia
  • to put on an original chain mail
  • to hold a real weapon
  • to become a Siberian Cossack for a while
  • to taste Siberian herbal tea

Tomsk Beer Brewery
Tour to the Tomsk Beer Brewery, 1 – 1.5 hours

During the tour to the Tomsk Beer Brewery, you will learn the history of brewing and see all the production cycle of this ancient drink with your own eyes. In the museum of brewery, which was established by Karl Kruger in 1876, you will see the original documents, awards, beer labels from different time periods, 19th century beer mugs, factory founder's family photos and, of course, there will be tasting.