Conference Venue
14th International Forum on Strategic Technology will be held in The International Cultural Center of Tomsk Polytecnic University.

Address: address:
13v Usova street, Tomsk

The International Cultural Center of TPU has four halls:

  • A concert hall with an area of 315.5 m2, designed for 342 people. In the hall there is a balcony with an area of 57 m2, designed for 70 people. The room allows to conduct both concert programs and presentations, as well as Conferences and Symposiums, Space Bridges and Web Conferences.
  • A dance hall with columns of 320 m2, designed for 340 people. The peculiarity of the hall is the possibility of easy and rapid transformation of the room.
  • A ceremonial hall is 126 m2, designed for 60 people. The hall is suitable for Conferences, Round Tables, works of individual sections.
  • Seating area of 58 m2 is intended for holding Round Tables, working in small groups, negotiations.
  • Foyer of the 2nd floor with an area of 145 m2 equipped with two plasma TV.
  • All the rooms are equipped with modern lighting and sound equipment.

About Tomsk
One of Siberia's oldest cities, Tomsk was Russia's frontier back in 1604, much like trading outposts of the Hudson Bay Company in the Canadian prairies. Its fortunes ebbed when the Trans-Siberian railway line sidestepped the city in late 19thcentury, favoring rival city of Novosibirsk some fifty kilometers to the South. Turnabout came half a century later in World War II – Tomsk played host to several major industrial enterprises evacuated in the face of the German offensive on the Eastern front.

Tomsk is a university town, where one in five resident is a student, and it has an easy-going and youthful feel. Tomsk State University and Tomsk Polytechnic University are two major hives of activity in the metropolitan area. Be it for the students or otherwise, nightlife pulses into the wee hours.
A partial list of museums in Tomsk includes a former secret police prison that operated from 1923 to 1944, an oil industry museum and a museum of wooden architecture.